Monday, 2 March 2009 cup runneth over.

I write today with a bit of a dilemma. Today i was roused from the first rem sleep in a while by phone ringing. I wasn't familiar with the number but decided to answer regardless. Much to my surprise, it was Helen, the owner of a bar called Fab Cafe who offered me a job interview tomorrow. Fab Cafe is this really cool little bar situated underneath a massive building on Portland Street just off of the big Oxford Road. It's a cult movie themed bar and as such, has great character and personality. The jukebox also plays a variety of kick ass tunes and near as I can tell, the entire staff seem like great people. This is the place I set my sights on when I first began the tedious job search a little over a month ago. If all goes well, this job could provide me with more regular hours than I am getting now (since I started at the catering agency, I have worked a total of 8 hours in almost 2 weeks time). It would also afford me the luxury of not pretending to be too nice and courteous to the exceedingly wealthy, pompous pricks that saunter into Old Trafford before during and after the matches. After giving it a lot of thought, I think I may try to work the occasional match because of the good money and general ease of work. I may also try to work the occasional concert at the MEN Arena, but that's mainly for my love of music and I'd try to work more specific concerts that are more down my alley. 

Enough job talk, it seems like that's all I'm ever doing lately. I'm sure all of you reading this now know that I've decided to start deciding what I want to get tattooed on me. I started a group on facebook and I would love people to take a look at the pictures on the group's page and let me know what they like because these pictures could end up making up my eventual tattoo. Other than that, the days have slipped by without much in the way of news. I've been laying low and spending time with a select group of people. I cooked dinner last Thursday for them all which turned out to be lovely. If anyone has any interest in Shrimp Fra Diavolo, let me know and I'll pass along the recipe. The meal turned out very well and Bing provided a couple of bottles of white wine that complemented the meal wonderfully. Way to go Bing.

My friend and temporary housemate Darren had his 22nd birthday Friday and in lieu of the regular student past time involving drinking heavily to the point of black out, we went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Darren explained to me that in this group of friends, the birthday boy or girl treats everyone else to dinner, which I'm still trying to wrap my mind around. In a state of confusion I sat down to dinner where for once, I was the minority. A couple of the guys ordered all the food which sounded like a lot but they assured me it was only the starter. What?! If I recall correctly,  the starters were all sushi and consisted of 45 salmon rolls, 30 king prawn rolls, I believe 15 with octopus and 15 with eel. What a starter for 10 people to share. I had never really ventured into the raw world of sushi so needless to say I was a little nervous. As it turns out, I love sushi! It was all delicious despite Prescott sitting next time recounting times a girl he knows throwing up the first time she had sushi and how it's generally an inevitability. Afterwards, we went for a couple pints at this great little night spot called Odder Bar. Odder offers a variety of services ranging from quiet lunch or dinner spot with great food and reasonable prices to crazy party bar on the right nights. It was packed! They were playing a great selection of songs that I didn't know but enjoyed thoroughly and I think everyone had a great time.

I think that may sum up everything that's happened in the past few days. I hope this finds all the people closest to me, and I hope it finds them well.

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