Thursday, 5 March 2009

Who knew I knew how to be a bartender?

As many of you may know, I was recently hired at a cult movie bar called Fab Cafe. This was the job I had set my sights on early on into my job hunt but when I handed in my CV, they weren't hiring so I moved on. Earlier this week Helen the manager called and asked if I could come in for an interview the following day around 5, I said of course and I was giddy with glee! I went in and had to fill out a little questionnaire. It was fairly standard for the most part but I knew I was going to love working there when I got to the last two questions; 'Why does Roadrunner always get away and do you think this is acceptable?' and 'Have you ever killed anyone? If NO, would you kill someone and how would you do it?' Bing thought this made them sound like a cult instead of just a bar focused on cult movies but I thought it gave the place character and it began to remind me of the atmosphere I was used to working in The Record Exchange a couple years ago.

The interview must have gone well enough because that evening they called and offered me the job. I went in for my first day last night not really knowing what I would be doing, but excited about the possibilities and ready for my first bar tending job. I got there around 9:30 pm and started at 10. I met one of the regulars named Tony who apparently is NEVER allowed to have a shot of any kind. He was Mancunian in every single aspect, drunk, angry and utterly hilarious. I met several members of the staff and immediately felt comfortable joking around with them. I was starting with two other new hires and we got off on the best foot as well. There's Scarlet who has a bit of a goth feel to her and is a very warm and lovely person. There's also Brad, the first englishmen I've met with such an American sounding name. He's a fellow music aficionado so needless to say, we got along very well.

Along with the amazing atmosphere and hilarious decor (pictures will be coming soon), the most important aspect of the bar is the great music played day in and day out. I had a great time singing along to the likes of David Bowie, The Cure, The Kinks, The Stones and so on. It was great to know I was at work but enjoying such great music. The job itself was fairly standard, stand behind the bar until someone asks you for a drink. I found that mixing drinks and 'pulling pints' came fairly easily for me and I never felt like I was out of my element. Hopefully that confidence will transfer over tonight when I work again! 

Another added perk of this bar tending gig is the staff drink afterwards. Apparently it's fairly customary to have all the staff share a drink after the night's finished so it was nice to set down with my new boss and my fellow budding bar tenders. I had a Jameson straight up, which garnered some respect from my fellow staff and I really felt like I had earned it. I explained to my boss Helen about my desire to work as much as possible and she set me up to work two more shifts in the next three days. I can't wait to learn more and then start to really come into my own at this new and immensely fun job. To top it all off, I got back and had the newest episode of the Office (I know...I love it, I can't help myself) waiting for me to serve as the perfect night cap before collapsing into 'bed' around 4:30 or 5 in the am!

On a slightly sad note, Phish is playing the first show in over 4 years in Virginia, and I am missing it. I'm hoping I'll get home in time to see them post the set list in real time. I also signed for free mp3 downloads of the show so I guess it'll have to do. Keep your fingers crossed that they do a Europe leg of the tour (but don't hold your breath)!

Alright everyone, I'm off I love all of you and I'll speak more of my mind later!

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