Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Just a little something I've been mulling over...

MGMT...everyone should listen to them.

Is MGMT what Gnarls Barkley should have been? With the miraculous amount of hip involved in the comprising members of Gnarls Barkley, why have I been left somewhat unsatisfied? Dangermouse alone commands the respect of any hipster and wannabe alike, but why has this collaboration with the tremendous Cee-lo left much to be desired? Never to fret because all the unanswered questions left behind by Gnarls have been answered by MGMT on their new record ‘Oracular Spectacular’. All the soul missing from all aspects of Gnarls Barkley’s two records have come up in every aspect of the latest offering from MGMT. The songs may have a distinct sound that might not bring to mind soul upon a first listen but they still have a definite groove and emotion behind them. These songs could swim on their own in very simple terms but the added layers and sounds are never superfluous but only show that there’s still room for originality in music today. When everyone wants to focus on trying to be original, MGMT clearly is original just by doing what they want and they should be rewarded for it. I don’t know if they will have the mass appeal that Gnarls have but that’s what helps make them special. Here is a band that you can share with all of your friends but don’t have to be punished for liking by mass appeal and radio exploitation. Maybe I would have felt differently about Gnarls if ‘Crazy’ hadn’t been drilled into my psyche by everything from my cd player to the radio and even the restaurant I worked in, but their second album just doesn’t have the magic that make it memorable. That’s the difference betweens these two groups, the mass notoriety that destroyed the real appreciation they could have garnered. MGMT have that special something, the sing along-able choruses and the hum along-ing quality in their melodies that keep you singing them long after you’ve turned them off from your ipod. I urge everyone to give this wonderful band’s new record a thorough listen and make up your mind. 

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