Thursday, 19 March 2009

The ever interesting life of the working Steve

It's been a while, and while I feel I don't have much to update you on, I've received several requests about putting in some time on the blog so here goes! Some big news as of yesterday is that I have finally officially unpacked all of my stuff in my own place. My friend Bovies let me know that he was moving out of his place and in with his girlfriend so he offered me his. It's a shared flat with three other people but I have my own room and bathroom (which is currently giving me no hot water for a shower). Aside from the temperature frustrations with the water, I have no complaints and am excited to have this basic necessity finally taken care of. I had been living with my Malaysian friends for too long and didn't want to over stay my welcome. They're great guys for putting up with me for as long as they did. I haven't met any of my new flat mates but I've been told that two of them are doing a masters degree. One in law and the other in engineering. I have also gathered that the genders are split in the flat with two males and two females. I'm looking forward to meeting them but am a little afraid that my bar tenders schedule along with their busy students schedule may interfere in the way of much social contact. Such is life I suppose.

Things at fab are going very well and I'm enjoying all the work I'm getting there. I'm generally getting between 20-30 hours a week and I'm always hoping for more. The work itself isn't much to write home about but the people I work with are great. Among the notables are Sneaky, Sam, Gary, Vicky, Debs and Ricky. Sneaky usually works days and is notorious for practical jokes and now having 0 sexually transmitted diseases (way to go sneak). Sam strikes an intimidating pose with long hair and an even longer and bushier beard but he's class in a glass and a very good guy. Gary's the assistant manager and is a lot of fun to work with and has introduced me to the world of Simon Pegg before 'Shaun of the Dead'. Vicky is fun little ball of energy and unfortunately for her is usually tormented because of her very real and wholly amusing fear of sponges. When I say fear of sponges, I don't mean she can't touch them or she doesn't like them. I mean she will literally run out of the bar screaming if someone comes at her with a sponge, talks about them or pretends to eat an imaginary one. I have never met anyone with such a strange phobia but one look at her reactions to them and you'd know it's real. Debs is another very kind coworker of mine and she's loads of fun to work with! Last but not least, there's Ricky who may be insane. He's wildly imaginative and while some people may find him odd or slightly left of center, I think he's hilarious and loads of fun. He fits right in with fab and he does an extraordinary job. The more I work with him, the more I learn and become better. Everyone I work with is wonderful and they've definitely made working there a joy these past two weeks.

One of the other parts of fab that I'm looking forward to are the nights in the (hopefully) near future where I will get to try my hand at dj-ing. I downloaded a program for my mac, which allows me to dj from my iTunes library so keep your fingers crossed that someday soon I might be behind the dj booth with free drinks and playing my favorite songs. The only downside to the dj's at fab is their incessant desire to play 'Sweet Home Alabama'. Every time it comes on, I shudder and since everyone behind the bar knows I hate the song, they rag me and insist I must love it. Needless to say, if I start dj-ing, that is one you won't be hearing if you're anywhere near the bar.

In the coming weeks I'll get to exercise my weakened drumming muscles when my friend Gary and I take a trip to a studio and get a little music playing in. I haven't played drums now in over two months and while I miss it immensely, I'm slightly worried that my skills have greatly diminished. We have a 5 and a half hour session booked so hopefully by the end of it, I'll regain the 'magic'. This is something that Gary and I have talked about doing for months now and it's finally happening April 3rd. 

I suppose the last thing of note in the recent weeks has been my first celebrated St. Patrick's Day. Spending it in Manchester was an absolute gas and even though I had to work during the day, I made the most of it after work. I concluded work with an Irish Stew and a whiskey and then went round Gary's before heading out to Czech Bar where they turned Irish for the night. I had another Stew and a couple pints of Guiness and Foster's and then the night began. There was drinking and karaoke for most of the night before it dwindled down to just Gary and myself listening to music into the wee (Scottish, not Irish) hours of the morning. My ability to stay up far too late has been tremendous lately and I'm positive it has to do with my new job. I walked home and got in about 5:30 in the am and promptly went to sleep for the last time in the Malaysian's house.

That's all folks! I'll try to live excitingly enough to update sooner than two weeks from now.

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