Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A promise of what's to come...Ireland and the second job.

I haven't been sleeping too soundly lately. I imagine that this could be happening for several reasons, the biggest one probably being the couch upon which I'm sleeping. Don't get me wrong, it sleeps better than most I've experienced but there is no comparison to a warm bed with clean sheets which I haven't experienced in roughly a week and a half. Never fear, I am doing everything possible to focus on any and all positives and I have come across a couple. This morning I received a call saying that my interview yesterday at MEN arena went well and I was offered a job. Before I can start working, I have to undergo the training regimen which consists of a weekend of 9-5 at the fairly luxurious Midland Hotel. I'm not sure what they training will involve but once I've finished with that, I'll be able to start working security for the big act concerts and events that roll through Manchester. Naturally I am excited about this prospect because of the chance to see many artists without having to pay the price of admission. Some of the artists I'll have the chance to see while making money include The Killers, Kings Of Leon, B.B. King, Eric Clapton and AC/DC. Needless to say, I am enthralled with the prospect at getting a step closer to the music industry and while I am starting fairly near the bottom of the totem pole, I hope it may offer me a chance to work my way up.

In other news, I decided this second foray into the United Kingdom was a second chance at seeing more of Britain and Europe. In keeping with that spirit my elementary school chum Erin informed me that she would be in Ireland in late June for a couple of days and extended to me the generous invite to join her and her group. I've never been to Ireland before so I jumped at the opportunity to not only see an old friend but to also see more of the world. June cannot come soon enough!

Not too much happening since I last updated so this one is fairly short. I'll do what I can to keep you as updated as I deem necessary.

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