Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Everyone should listen to Elbow

Alright, so far, I'm doing well with this whole blog thing. I suppose it's still a little early but dammit I'm proud of myself! Not a whole lot has happened in the period between my last blog and this one, but I figure this friends and family time writing me emails asking what's new. I don't imagine anyone is too bothered by sending those emails but I'm here to make the Steve information hit you that much faster...you're welcome!

Alright, Sunday night I decided to celebrate the tips from Saturday by going out with Gary and Julie from Cavendish for a couple drinks and goofy participation in a pub quiz, a staple of British drinking culture. Our friend Lance was hosting so I had another reason for going. Figuring a poor performance from our tiny team (we had three participants, most other teams had 5 or 6), we landed on the team name 'The Shit out of Lucks'. I still kind of hoped for 'Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits' but that got turned down; I guess she's not suitable fodder for parody now that she's not employed high enough up in our executive branch of government. As it turns out, our team name was fairly accurate, early on into the quiz we noticed that most of these questions we were not getting. We reached the general knowledge section and things started picking up slightly but it was the music and movies section that we really knocked out of the park. Still being down a few points all attention was turned to the drawing portion (the team with the best drawing received 5 extra points). I won't go into the details of my drawing but it was stupidly patriotic while mocking the British government as well but nevertheless it rocketed our team into third place and got us free shots. You take what you can get I suppose.

Monday is an uneventful day where nothing happened and I only ventured out of the house right after waking up to meet a couple friends from one of my classes for lunch. The burger I ate was very eventful and by far the best burger I've had in the UK, and rivals some burgers I've had in the states! Also, having lunch with Jamille and Anthony was a good time, they're an interesting couple of guys and I'm looking forward to spending more time hanging out with them.

Today was had it's ups and downs, I didn't sleep well so needless to say I wasn't in the best of moods when I was roused from my sort of sleep this morning. It wasn't easy shaking my mood but I persevered regardless because I had a job interview today at 8 pm. The interview was at the Manchester Evening News Arena (MEN Arena) and was through a company called Showsec that provides people to do minimal security work such as keeping people from spilling over into the aisles or jumping onto the floor and so on. I got there at 7:30 and got to wait around and make small talk with some of the fellow interviewees. They took us on a tour of the arena, lead us to a dressing room where we had a presentation and then the interview. I was in a group with a very annoying little woman who was insistent on making herself heard on many superfluous occasions. I decided that she seems to be one part suck-up mixed with equal parts egotistic nightmare perfectly content simply hearing herself talk. Still, it wasn't about her and I proceeded along with the interview. It went well enough and I will know apparently in a couple days whether or not I got the job so keep your fingers crossed everyone.

That's all I'll say for now as there isn't much else of note to really put in here. I hope this news finds any and all readers in high spirits and I shall surely update soon.

PS-In regards to my title, Elbow is a band recently discovered by me with the help of Cheranne and I urge everyone to explore their catalog of material. It's a very British sounding band which I think may turn some people off...it also might make people expect something different than they really are but if everyone gives it a chance, I'm sure everyone will like them.

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