Saturday, 21 February 2009

Europa and Lamb curries...the making of a wonderful day.

It's amazing how things can go from bad to worse. I find it even more amazing when things go from absolutely dreadful to magnificent in the course of a day and a half. Today was my first day representing the catering agency Berkely Scott as their newest ( I think) wait staff member and I couldn't have hoped for anything better. I was sent to Old Trafford, which is Manchester United's Football Stadium, known to the residents of the north as the 'Theatre of Dreams' to work in one of their insanely priced suites as a server. I arrived an hour early which was beneficial because it took me a good 20 minutes to find where I was supposed to be so all went well. The woman from Berkely Scott was there to give me the run down on what it was I was supposed to do then gave me my uniform for the day and sent me off to the Europa Suite where I would be working for the next 9 hours or so. I was given the option to either wait tables or be a food runner...mainly the server's server. I opted for server for the chance at tips and the experience so I could serve in the future. After polishing the 3 separate wine glasses at each place setting (there were 9 per table) and getting a hasty explanation of protocol. I was ready to go.

Here's the basic drill at the Europa Suite (which my new friend Prescott noted sounds like a strip club); the various patrons will pay 475 quid to sit at one of the 24 tables in the suite, each table has 9 seats so many of them are sitting with people they don't know. Included in the fee is a meal which includes a starter, main and dessert, a free glass of champagne, unlimited house red and white wines, a half time snack, cheese and biscuits, and pretty much unlimited drinks before during and after the match. I realized early on that there's no way that the food and drink they're given could be worth paying 475, especially with the recession but it's their money, not mine. I guess there are perks, Europa suite had one of the players come in before kick off to meet and greet and then after the match the get the 'man of the match' to stop by and say hello to the exceedingly wealthy.

I can't be all bitter, the people I was serving were all very nice for the most part and for two tables, 18 guests and maybe four hours of total serving time, I walked out with 65 pounds. All in all I'd say it was a good first day. To celebrate, on the walk back I stopped in one of England's famous corner takeaway spots and got a lamb curry with naan bread. I've got to be brutally honest right now...that takeaway may have been the meal of the gods, it was spectacular, made all the better because it was paid for with my own money. Truly an exciting moment for me, albeit a somewhat miniscule one in comparison to other people's lives. I never really appreciated how great it feels to earn your own money so walking out of Old Trafford tonight with a few crumpled noted in my pocket, I had a different walk and pace about me that I haven't had in quite sometime. I feel like I'm relearning what it is to really be me, and I'm happy that I'm beginning to do it in a somewhat new and exciting place.

Along with this job, I'm hoping the interview with MEN arena on Tuesday goes well, two jobs in the entertainment industry, while severely low down on the totem pole, might still be a good way to learn more about the various aspects of the music and entertainment business. Things personally are looking up as well. Without going into detail things have been reconciled with Cheranne and I and we're able to be friends. I'm also burying myself in a flood of new and exciting music, I can't get enough of TV on the Radio, MGMT, Kings of Leon and in time, the entire Daft Punk discography. I suppose that's all for now, until next time, thanks for the infinite amount of encouraging words and good vibes, I was needing it. Love love laters! 


  1. if i can find a way to upload it somewhere i have most all of daft punks stuff

  2. I just got their whole discography...but thanks a million. If there's anything you can think of that I desperately need to listen to...let me know.